Why should you choose Select 1 Group? Because we go the extra mile in serving your needs.

Many companies specialize in Vehicle Transport, Mobile Exhibits, and Logistical Solutions. We do it better. More carefully. More reliably. With an emphasis on service that makes our clients more efficient and effective.

For Vehicle Transport and Logistical Solutions, Select 1 Group works with everyone from individual owners to some of the world's top automotive brands to provide superior vehicle transportation services — from one car to major fleets of vehicles.

The Mobile Exhibits Team at Select 1 Group are the experts that produce successful Mobile Exhibit Tours. We design and build Mobile Exhibit Vehicles that attract visitors and generate new customers. Our logistics team plans tours that arrive on time and cater to clients that demand the highest standards.

Overall no company can match Select 1 Group's combination of experience and services, our commitment to client service and our state-of-the-art equipment.


Select 1 Group enjoys some of the highest marks in the industry in safety, including an extraordinarily low damage rate. The company has even achieved ISO:9001 certification for its safety and operational practices.

At Select 1 Group, we know that the vehicles you trust us with have incredible value — sometimes, not just monetary value, but sentimental or even R&D value as well.

That's why our top priority in serving our clients is ensuring safe and secure transport of the vehicles in our care. We combine state-of-the-art technology and equipment — including real-time tracking of all vehicles — with exceptional professionalism to ensure smooth transport every time.

And our driver training programs, combined with our $2 million cargo insurance coverage, show the commitment of the Select 1 Group team to serving our clients, safely and securely.


With facilities across the United States, Select 1 Group is ready at any moment to help with your automotive transport needs.

Our advanced facilities in New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Detroit house and store the state-of-the-art equipment that we use to ensure efficient, effective and safe transport of vehicles of all types. They also provide a safe, secure and clean environment for our client's vehicles during layovers in the transportation process.

Our focus on the quality of our facilities helps make sure that the vehicles we transport remain safe and damage-free throughout the process. And with the size of our fleet of vehicles, we can meet just about any transportation need coast to coast.


We have a reputation in the industry of meticulously handling delicate and expensive equipment. Fortune 500 companies and affluent private collectors trust us to deliver their irreplaceable vehicles flawlessly.

We deliver unique specialty vehicles like one of a kind Prototype vehicles. They not only need to be delivered flawlessly, but in absolute secrecy. Our reputation for discretion and care has awarded us with a great deal of business with the most well know auto manufacturers in the world.

Not only do we design and build specialty vehicles for Mobile Exhibits, but we also run the tour flawlessly. We treat the Mobile Exhibit Vehicle with the care that it deserves because it is a unique custom built vehicle that would take a great deal of resources and time to replace.

Our expertise in delivering priceless antique vehicles has given us a reputation among antique automobile collectors. They trust us with their priceless and unique collections. Some of the antique vehicles we deliver were built as limited editions and only a few are still in existence.


Vehicle Transport

From dozens of vehicles to single classic vehicles, our vehicle transport services are unmatched for their safety, security and professionalism.

Mobile Exhibits

When some of the biggest brands in the world want to impress their potential customers, they call on Select 1 Group to help them create exceptional events.

Logistical Solutions

We help clients with large-scale automotive transport needs handle the logistics that otherwise would sap time, money and resources.

All of our services are provided with an emphasis on the safety of the vehicles we transport, the professionalism of the people on our team, and the best value for our clients' bottom line.