Select 1 Group Ships Cars

We provide innovative and flexible solutions to meet the needs of all our vehicle logistics customers globally. Select 1 Group is one of North America's premier vehicle logistics companies. We offer a full complement of logistics and transportation services such as:

  • Transportation of Specialty Vehicles to auto shows
  • Secured transport of sensitive vehicles to harsh climates for testing as well as commercial shoots
  • Ride and Drive marketing campaigns
  • Event Marketing and Experiential Marketing logistics

What sets Select 1 Group apart from all of its competition? We understand that buyers have many choices when selecting an automotive logistics management partner. Here's why you should consider Select 1 Group.

  • We specialize in vehicle logistics. It's all we do and all we've ever done.
  • We undertake exacting and challenging logistics problems from our customers and turn them into solutions.
  • The internal efficiencies created by state-of-the-art technology enable us to be a low-cost provider. We offer the best solution at the best possible cost.
  • From our drivers to our customer service associates, from finance to dispatch, we really care about people, and we'll take great care of you.
  • We have a one-stop-shop philosophy; we will make it happen for you.

We built our reputation for uncompromising excellence with every customer. We welcome an opportunity to prove to you why Select 1 Group is the premier vehicle logistics carrier.