Specialized Automotive Transport

Select 1 Group Ships Cars

We go the extra mile for you at Select 1 Group. For over ten years our focus on timely, damage free delivery makes us the automotive transport company of choice for concept cars, prototypes, mock-up models, climate sensitive vehicles, new production autos, personally owned vehicles, trucks, motorcycles and confidential cars.

Our extensive driver training programs along with a $2,000,000 cargo liability insurance policy demonstrate our level of commitment to getting your vehicle where it needs to be, when you need it to be there.

Our North American network of experienced uniformed drivers are carefully screened and will establish a professional presence for you at ride & drives, marketing tours, auto shows, and commercial shoots.

Real-time satellite tracking further assures you that our team is following the delivery each step of the way.

Internal efficiencies created by our state-of-the-art technology enable us to be a low-cost provider. We offer the best solution at the best possible cost

We are committed to making you a customer for life by taking total responsibility for flawless delivery. From customer service all the way to dispatch, our people are focused on one thing…your satisfaction.