Select 1 Group's Qualifications

At Select 1 Group we are committed to making you a customer for life. To do this we will make sure your vehicle is moved on time, without damage at a reasonable price. We train our staff in all aspects of the corporate procedures including: Operations (Service Delivery, Dispatch, Truck Loading), equipment maintenance, human resource management, safety, regulatory compliance, administration/back-office operations, and performance measurement. Our experienced drivers undergo extensive training in all aspects of safe operation of equipment to loading and unloading vehicles, road safety, and maintenance of equipment. We keep detail records of every transport project.

Select 1 Group quality control achievements provide strong evidence of its commitment to operational excellence.Therefore we are proud to announce that we have reached full implementation of the ISO 9001:2008 certification process as of December 7, 2009. The stated quality policy of the company has also been formalized to state: "Exceeding customers' expectations every time through on time delivery and damage free service." All processes are now fully implemented throughout the company nationwide.

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If by chance your property is damaged while in our care and control, our insurance policy covers damage to your vehicle. Our policy limits are as follows:

  • Commercial Liability $1,000,000
  • Third Party Liability $1,000,000
  • Cargo $2,000,000
  • Additional insurance is of course available upon request.


When it comes to obtaining proper permits, be aware that all carriers are not created equal. At Select 1 Group we work hard to keep current with any changes to the law in our service area. We also know the special laws that must be complied with when shipping autos to Alaska, New York, and California. There are also special considerations if you are shipping your motor vehicle to Canada, especially to Quebec or Ontario. Shipping autos to Mexico or between Mexico and Canada involves another set of challenges. Make sure your transport company knows the issues. Don't let your vehicle get impounded while they sort out the paperwork.

Select 1 Group is qualified and has experience for the following:

  • Canada and United States Customs Bonded Carrier
  • Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier Numbers ICC#MC314927
  • Department of Transportation US DOT#673525
  • Commercial Vehicle Registration Program CVOR#125-355-562
  • Transportation Security Administration Qualified for TSA moves of Air Freight
  • Automated Commercial Environment ACE#0005610385 — A fully automated information system designed by US Customs and Border Protection

Border Crossing

  • Canada/US Bonded Carrier
  • In-depth knowledge of US & Canada Customs clearance. Work visas and documentation
  • Preparation of Canada and US Customs documents
  • Cargo $1,000,000
  • Assistance clearing bonded vehicles through Canadian and United States Customs

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