Original Equipment Manufacturer
(OEM) Transport

Select 1 Group Test Vehicles and Concepts Cars

Test Vehicle Delivery in Harsh Conditions

From warm-weather to cold-weather, to high altitude testing, Select 1 Group has consistently demonstrated our ability to deliver OEM test vehicles to some of the harshest conditions known in the world.

On Time Delivery

We know that late deliveries to your test centers cost our customers money as engineers are forced to wait for the vehicles and test schedules begin to slip. With our advanced satellite tracking we know where your vehicles are on a real-time basis and you can rest assured they will be delivered on-time, each time.

High End Vehicles

We specialize in transporting low-volume, high-dollar specialty vehicles for OEM companies in our enclosed liftgate trailers or climate controlled trailers. We regularly transport OEM prototypes, concept vehicles, clay models, marketing vehicles, photo or commercial shoot model vehicles, pre-production vehicles, car bucks, auto show models and many other specialty vehicles throughout the world.

Confidential Prototype Delivery

We also recognize the additional security needs of confidential vehicles. Your vehicles are under constant supervision while under our possession to ensure the load makes it to its final destination without any security compromises and in test-ready condition.

Secure Warehouse

If a vehicle needs to be off-loaded in our warehouse for a future-date delivery, you can be assured of the highest levels of premise-based security. Our terminal warehouses are secured with advanced access controls and surveillance systems to further ensure your assets are protected while in our possession.

If you are looking for a reliable carrier to transport your specialty or test vehicle, let us tell you about the most challenging climates we've faced and how we set ourselves part from the others.