Managed Global Logistics

Managing Logistics Specialists

Do you have a large project involving multiple departments, vehicles and locations? Could you spend your time on more valuable efforts if you didn't have to worry about issues like these?

  • Which carriers can move a particular vehicle
  • When you can move in and out of each particular show venue
  • Trying to coordinate moves with display builders and show personnel
  • Dealing with schedule changes
  • Permits and insurance

Select 1 Group's Global Logistics Management may be perfect for you. Our skilled Logistics Coordinators are inserted into your team to coordinate and handle all the details you don't have time for. You tell us what you need and we make it happen.

Our Logistic Team's Specialties

  • Planning
  • Request for Quote (RFQ)
  • Bid awards
  • Change orders
  • Scheduling and schedule changes
  • Venue Access
  • Budgets
  • Equipment matching
  • Accounts payable
  • Breakdown problems

Multiple Carrier Management

Many projects are too large for one carrier to handle independently. If you need 500 vehicles moved in a relatively short time period, chances are that you will need to contract with several carriers to handle the job. Our Managed Logistics program allows you to let our expert Logistics Coordinators source each vehicle to the appropriate carrier to ensure that you receive the best service for the best price. By establishing a single source, we are able to take away competing forces in the marketplace and create a team approach to best service your company's needs. Moving vehicles to Mexico? Canada? Anywhere else around the globe? We can do that too.

Our Managed Logistics program handles:

  • Auto Shows
  • Dealer Announcement Shows
  • Press Events
  • Ride and Drive marketing events
  • Sales Training Launches
  • International Moves
  • Pre-Production Vehicles

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