Auto Show Car Transportation

As a specialized auto transport company, Select 1 Group has proven itself time and time again with Auto Show transport customers. All vehicles from concept, pre-production, to production vehicles are moved in show condition seemlessly from venue to venue. The Select 1 Group philosophy is simple: "own the entire process and make it as easy as you can for our customer". As a result, Select 1 Group is a one-stop-shop for Auto Show and concept car transportation.

A dedicated Select 1 Group project manager is assigned on-site to coordinate hundreds of details to ensure your show assets make it directly to the exhibit, on-time. Your Select 1 Group project manager works closely with the venue management to coordinate procedures, scheduling of move-in/move-out times, and is always present during the entire vehicle movement process.

Our job is not complete until we hand the vehicle over to our customer. We sweat the details in order to avoid major, costly delays. Our entire process is dedicated to making sure show cars arrive in show-ready condition with no dents or scratches. We also handle details like ensuring that fuel levels in the vehicles meet venue standards. You can be assured that booth move-in and move-out happens smoothly when Select 1 Group is managing the delivery.

If you are looking for a reliable carrier to transport your auto show vehicles, let us tell you our success stories and how we set ourselves apart from the competition.